We offer numerous financing options for transmission and or automotive repair. Each financing company will offer a 0% interest introductory offer for at least 3 months on any new loan. We have numerous lenders that will offer a 0% introductory offer. You can get your transmission repaired today and pay later. Some lenders will offer a loan without a credit check. Others will lend you money to repair or rebuild your transmission on approved credit (OAC.) The lenders that require approved credit tend to offer longer periods of no interest (up to 12 months) and or lower interest rates.

If your vehicle is having a transmission issue we can get you approved same day for a 0% interest loan that could cover most or all of your repair costs. There are numerous options to repay the loan including weekly, bi-weekly and monthly payment options. Approvals are quick and easy. Most options will include a no money down, no credit check program or a no credit needed program.

You can apply online and on of our staff members will be in touch to talk about your approval(s) and or what the next steps are. You can finance parts and or labor. Most customers that use financing can get same day approvals with no money down.

Bad Credit/ No Credit Financing Up To Good Credit Options Include: Snap Finance, Easy Pay Finance & Koalifi Financial.

Well Qualified Customers On Approved Credit: Synchrony Car Care Program. Offering Up to 12 Months 0% Interest Promotional Offer. (See the bottom of this page)

Snap Finance For Transmission Repair Lending

Borrow up to $3000 with no credit needed & 100 days 0% interest same as cash payoff. No credit needed, apply now!

Easypay Finance For Transmission Repair Lending

Same day, instant finance decision. 90 days no interest offer if paid in full. Fast and easy lending options.

Koalifi Financing For Transmission Repair Lending

Use Koalifi to cover the costs of transmission repairs today and pay later. Easy online application, instant decisions. Bad credit ok. they also offer discounted or deferred interest if paid in full on time. Koalifi does report positive payments to the credit agencies and will require $40 down payment upon approval.

Synchrony Car Care For transmission Repair Lending

An optimal form of Transmission repair financing for qualified applicants. Up to 12 months no interest. This is a revolving credit line that can be used at most major auto repair facilities including gas stations, tire shops, brakes etc.

Synchrony Car Care Transmission & Automotive Financing For Repairs & Maintenance

Synchrony Car Care program is a preferred auto repair lender. Offering some of the best overall promotions and lending terms for your auto repair and maintenance needs. Synchrony will send you a physical card in the mail which is a revolving line of credit and can be used at most major automotive repair shops, brake shops, tire shops etc. Promotional offers are available including 0% interest offers for 6, or 12 months as long as the balance is paid in full within those 6 or 12 months.

You must visit the store to apply in person for the Synchrony Program. We will need a drivers license or identification card and a secondary form of identification such as a debit or credit card to complete your application. Call us for more information or if you have any questions about the Synchrony Car Care program.

Arizona Transmission Repair Financing Vs Non Arizona Transmission Repair Financing

Desert Transmissions was founded in Arizona and currently operates out of Glendale, Arizona. We offer services to almost anyone or any vehicle in Arizona. Financing is quick and easy for local AZ customers because we can assist throughout the entire process including towing the vehicle in to our shop, diagnosing your transmission issues, and then completing the repairs or rebuild etc. We’re able to final drive the vehicle and make any adjustments or computer program/relearning necessary. Its a quick easy one stop service and the costs can be 100% covered with financing.

Financing for customers outside of Arizona or who’s vehicle is not in Arizona is still possible, but we wont be able to tow the vehicle in, diagnose a transmission or provide any of the labor to remove, replace and or overhaul your transmission. This makes the process a little slower, it will take a little more planning and effort on your part and ultimately it will cost a customer more money to use our services from another area vs the costs a local customer pays. Why? Desert Transmission guarantees the lowest price and best warranty in town, our over head costs and labor rates are lower as a family owned shop vs some of franchise type of shops or dealerships. Since we cant provide any labor and we must add in the cost of shipping a transmission its difficult to provide the same service and costs as a local customer. However in most cases we CAN still compete with local shops pricing and provide a better product and warranty.

Fill out the credit application and if your approved we will have a member of our team contact you to gather as many details as possible about your vehicle, who diagnosed it, how it failed and etc. We will locate a transmission core (or wait for yours if you want to ship it to us) and we will rebuild the transmission and then ship it back. Our team can help you manage the project but you’ll need to find someone to install the transmission properly in your area, you’ll need to buy transmission fluids, and in some cases the vehicles computers will need to be programmed.


Fill this out this financing application and we will contact you to learn more about your goals and needs. Well apply if its applicable and get right back to you with same day results.
  • Enter your full name as it appears on your ID
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  • 123-456-7890 Enter your best contact number including area code
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  • D01234567 10/21/2022 Enter your Identification number and expiration date. Either your drivers license number or state ID, Dont forget the expiration date.
  • Please enter your social security number
  • Where do your work and what is the work number? If you don't know the work number just enter your own phone number.
  • What is your position or job title?
  • Enter the approximate start or hire date
  • Enter your total monthly income before taxes.
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  • 1234-4678-6541-9874 / 10/2022 / 456 Enter your debit or credit card information including full account number, expiration date and 3 digit security code divided by spaces and ///
  • John Doe 623-248-8016 Enter reference information. First name, last name and telephone number,
  • John Doe 623-248-8016 Enter reference information. First name, last name and telephone number,
  • Whats the year make and model of your vehicle? Engine Size? 2wd or 4wd or Fwd or Awd? Vin or License plate (if possible) Tell us about the vehicle. How long have you owned it, any recent work that has been done to the vehicle? What's wrong with it? How is it acting? Are there any check engine lights? Has anyone diagnosed the vehicle yet?